Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are our machines preferred by small and medium sized candle manufacturers?
A: Our machines are preferred by small and medium sized candle manufacturers because they offer high production capacity and high flexibility at the same time. Setup time is minimal, but production capacity is significant. At the same time, acquisition is very low, making them perfect for manufactures that wish to produce small quantities, substantial variety, or both.

Q: Eltek machines are suitable only for small and medium sized candle manufacturers?
A: Presently, we manufacture machines that meet the requirements of small and medium sized candle manufacturers. In the near future we are planning to expand our product ranging. We have already designed new machines with high volume production capabilities, which are more suitable to medium and large sized candle manufacturers. These machines are designed for maximum production and connectivity in order to form production lines. In the near future we will be able to find information about these machines on our website.
Q: Are Eltek machines affordable?
A: We offer the best value for money compared to the rest European machine manufacturers. Our machines are built using high-end components to ensure high quality. At the same time, acquisition and maintenance cost are very low, making them the best deal in the market.
Q: What is the maintenance cost?
A: The cost of maintenance for our machines is very low. We design them so that there is minimal wear. We build them with high-end components, in a high quality hand assembly line. The result is problem free, long lasting operation that requires minimal maintenance.
Q: Do the machines come with a warranty?
A: Yes. All our machines come with three years warranty. Our competitors offer only one year warranty. We are so confident about our products that we guarantee for three years of problem free operation.
Q: What happens if something goes wrong?
A: If something goes wrong, there is no need to worry. Our technical department will help you immediately. The first step of technical assistance is offered by phone. If this fails to solve the problem, a technician will visit our clients factory and repair the machine.